Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Feeling bored of a routine life,
one fine day I took a long train ride.

I packed my bag
and hailed a cab.
Reached the station,
booked my destination.

As the train arrived,
people began jostling
and the pleasure it derived,
chugging and whistling.

Farewell and goodbye,
and the mood upbeat.
With spirits turning high,
I settled into my seat.

Sad looked few,
leaving their hometown.
With Energy anew
were homeward bound.

Soon began the long journey
leaving the bustling city behind.
In no hurry to reach early,
and no labour-work to grind.

No teachers and bosses to berate,
we pretty strangers so unlike.
Time for lovely things to ruminate,
children and adults all alike.

I looked out of the open window
as the train rolled past a flushing meadow.
What a lovely country-side,
vast and green open and wide.
Nature's beauty to see and sense,
so different from the city of pretense.
Few snaps shot for my memories
to relax and enjoy in my reveries.

Up the mountain and then down the hill,
the train sped and moved like a windmill.

As it snaked through the forest and sparkling streams,
it awakened a beauty which was dormant in my dreams.
The spirits of pixie woke up as if
a call from the childhood full of mischief.

A shift in attitude,
a change in life's motive.
All the gratitude,
gift of this locomotive.

Few passengers in the compartment
were sleeping as if in an apartment.
Wake up mister, don't doze your head,
if you miss this you are as good as dead.

Train moves after various stops,
life halts with as many drops.
Wish my life was like a train
at full throttle even in pain.
loaded with a strong horse-power,
but soft aromatic like a flower.

Train came to it's final stop
and I alighted with a tear drop.
Felt my hiccups had been mended,
I wish the journey had not ended.