Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Feeling bored of a routine life,
one fine day I took a long train ride.

I packed my bag
and hailed a cab.
Reached the station,
booked my destination.

As the train arrived,
people began jostling
and the pleasure it derived,
chugging and whistling.

Farewell and goodbye,
and the mood upbeat.
With spirits turning high,
I settled into my seat.

Sad looked few,
leaving their hometown.
With Energy anew
were homeward bound.

Soon began the long journey
leaving the bustling city behind.
In no hurry to reach early,
and no labour-work to grind.

No teachers and bosses to berate,
we pretty strangers so unlike.
Time for lovely things to ruminate,
children and adults all alike.

I looked out of the open window
as the train rolled past a flushing meadow.
What a lovely country-side,
vast and green open and wide.
Nature's beauty to see and sense,
so different from the city of pretense.
Few snaps shot for my memories
to relax and enjoy in my reveries.

Up the mountain and then down the hill,
the train sped and moved like a windmill.

As it snaked through the forest and sparkling streams,
it awakened a beauty which was dormant in my dreams.
The spirits of pixie woke up as if
a call from the childhood full of mischief.

A shift in attitude,
a change in life's motive.
All the gratitude,
gift of this locomotive.

Few passengers in the compartment
were sleeping as if in an apartment.
Wake up mister, don't doze your head,
if you miss this you are as good as dead.

Train moves after various stops,
life halts with as many drops.
Wish my life was like a train
at full throttle even in pain.
loaded with a strong horse-power,
but soft aromatic like a flower.

Train came to it's final stop
and I alighted with a tear drop.
Felt my hiccups had been mended,
I wish the journey had not ended.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The First Dove.

It's morning, and the doves are waiting.
On the roof tops, on the tree, waiting for the food which would be arriving.
I enter the temple, there is a flutter of noise,
I look up and find these birds sitting in a poise.
I scatter the peanuts on the ground,
they get restless and hungry but are scared to come down.
Hoot and cry but afraid to take the plunge.
Finally a dove decides, I will be the one.
Gracefully it floats and lands near my feet,
Others watch anxiously, but still don't come to eat.
The dove takes a bite and relishes the food,
and then others scamper down to share the loot.
Eat and eat, now they are a cheerful bunch,
bellies are full with a delightful brunch.
Opening their beaks thirstily they fly back to the tree top,
waiting to quench the thirst with the first rain drop.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy birthday to me

I am 42 years young today and it feels great. I remember two years back Kamala had organized a surprise party for my 40th birthday. She put in a great effort to keep it a secret. She hired a room at a pub called ‘On Toes’ and told all my childhood friends, train friends and office guys to be there by 9 p.m.. In the morning of my birthday, she said that there was a friend’s wedding anniversary party to be attended in the evening and we must go there for few hours. I got pissed off and told her didn’t she know it was my birthday and I wanted to spend time with her. She just smiled. In the evening she led me to this place. I was fuming all the while thinking how to escape from this anniversary party early. She opened the door of this pub called ‘On Toes’ and I saw familiar faces smiling at me. I was taken aback. Everyone shouted “SURPRISE”! I was too stunned to realize it was my birthday party and those were my dear friends. I looked at Kamala and she burst out laughing. It was one of the best and biggest surprises I have ever had. And believe me; she did this right under my nose without me getting a whiff of it. Womanly thoroughness.( Although she still suspects that I was aware of it). Niyoshi had an amused look on her face. She had known this all the while but hadn't utter a word.

It was by far the best parties I have ever had. Booze was overflowing and so was I along with some good old music of our times. Rod Stewart, Sting, Clapton, Brian Adams, Dire Straits, Michael Jackson and many of my other favourites. I am pretty sure Kamala would have chosen the music too. It was nice to see guys who are normally pretty reserved in a dance party, open up and occupy the dance floor. It was a party to remember. It is a sweet distant memory and I cherish those memories.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The fisherwoman


One fine morning I was walking on the beach. Since it was low tide I decided to walk towards the sea. Somewhere close I saw a strange sight. There were some fishermen gathered around the fishes they had caught in their nets. In the middle there was one fisherwoman standing with her biggest catch of the day placed near her feet. She was sipping a hot cup of tea and with the other hand she was eating a soft (khaari) biscuit. She was talking animatedly with someone on a cell phone which a small boy was holding to her ears. Others around her were clapping and chatting excitedly amongst one another appreciating the big fish the fisherwoman had caught. This went on for about 20 minutes and I just stood there, let my eyes skate over the scene, gazing at everybody all the while. It was a big day in the fisherwoman’s life and she was obviously enjoying it and so probably sharing it with everyone. Few joggers also stopped by to admire the big fish and this further encouraged the fisherwoman. I requested her to pose for a photo for me with tea in one hand and biscuit in the other, the small boy still holding the cell phone for her and her latest acquisition displaying around her feet for approval. I said “Smile”! And she gave me one of the most beautiful and sweetest smiles that I would ever see. 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life Ain't Bitch.

 Hello and welcome to 2009. The year 2008 was quite adventurous and educative in every sense. People around have become quite literate. Now even a paanwallah knows what is an ‘economic crisis’. No need to spend money on a business school. All thanks to glorified but sophisticated casino called ‘Stock Exchange’. I do love the colour of money but 2008 has forced me to look beyond it. Now, I might have one nickel less this year but what the heck; it saves me the time which otherwise I would have wasted on watching movies (Oh boy! How are they promoting now!) , or going to the bars or buying unwanted things.

 I am thankful to all the gamblers around the world for enlightening me on the value of money. Guys, life without you would be so dull.