Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Clank of the gate- he charges at the door.
The excited barks mislead one to run.
Timid I walk, unaware whats in store,
but he sniffs and licks and wags in welcome.
I am accepted- shreds my socks to threads,
jumps around, shows off his half-eaten toy.
Then, falls on the sofa with huge bulk spread-
the long tail swooshes and glasses destroys.
Unconcerned, he snoozes till clink of an ice
or a call of biscuit awakes him wide.
Suddenly, he is at your feet with saint-eyes
that butter you up, melt your heart every time.
Mischief done- he rolls over and over.
I pull his ears, he mock-surrenders.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thin Line

A tiny girl on the roadside;
walks on a rope hung ten feet high.
A long bamboo for balance-
onlookers pause, cheer and sigh.

Back and forth she walks for living-
like finger rolls on guitar’s string.
Below, a bowl awaits soup-
which wobbles with occasional dings.

Hunger beguiles.
Trots on thin line.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two Zero One Three

Memories I collect-
and select.
Like paints on a canvas-
they fuss,
some slush,
and of lust.

The Painter

The sun throws light over the subject.
The fiery mountaintops
heave and roll along the river bed.
Would a brush tame the wild green bush with new paint?
Artist fills the sheets with a figure-
in all fullness sprawled across.
And the dusk sets in to empurple.