Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Devil

Evil of mind that in-breeds hate.
Locks unwind which love create.
Ghosts haunted the dream to grave.
Most feared and fed are those thoughts face.

Facts falsify that imaginations dread.
Tracks that devil, not yet dead.
Lies now guilt buried deep.
Eyes terror those aren't asleep.

Note : Read from right to left for a different meaning.

Friday, November 26, 2010


At the railway station I pass him by-
dishevelled hair, ragged clothes,
but a lovely smile.

Amidst the chaos, he finds amuse-
of this helter skelter pace,
and aimless commute.

Where, I survive the times of trends,
and a dual with the clock-
he lives in moments.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Water Rafting (Sri Lanka, 2010)

There is a long stretch of winding road all the way up the mountains. Somewhere the road splits and one part slopes down a few hundred meters and stops at an open area. A small shack stands in a corner surrounded by massive trees and few watercrafts. The place is famous for water sports. As I approached the shack, a man walked out. He was the owner. After some bargaining we arrived at a price for water rafting. I changed into a swim-wear and put on a life jacket. To reach the river I had to climb down the valley for about fifty feet. A stone path wading through the jungle. Slippery. Two guys were assigned to me. As we were climbing down I saw the raft being slid down on a rope-way. We reached the river and got into the raft. I was given an oar and shown how to use it. The raft was quite comfortable. We began moving with the current. Soon it picked up speed and so did my pulse. I did a couple of haphazard strokes with the oar. Just ahead I could see a small rapid. Two guys who had come along instructed me on how to tackle the rapid. They told me to lean inside the raft if I went off-balance. Suddenly the water splashed all over me. My first blind date with a rapid. My adrenaline was pumping hard. This was terrific stuff. Excitement at it's peak. I gripped the raft and managed to maintain my balance, but soon we were approaching a bigger rapid. It came too fast and before I could react I had fallen, fortunately inside the raft. The two guys were laughing now and I found myself laughing with them. They said three more to come; larger ones. I stopped laughing. But, much to my surprise, I handled the bigger ones quite well. They were amazed and congratulated me.The last rapid was the biggest and the most challenging one. They warned me that I might fall into the river and if I did, I was to do nothing. The life jacket would keep me afloat and the current would take care of the swimming part. Wow, I thought; they make it sound so easy. I braced myself for the encounter. This time the rapid came on to us like a big wave. I gritted my teeth in determination and vowed that I will not fall into the river. The rapid attacked us as if taking up the challenge. Our battle lasted for ten long seconds and I triumphed. I was jubilant. I was a pro. I raised my hands in the air and almost knocked one guy over with the oar. Now we were all laughing and the sensation was rejuvenating. Last mile of the river and there were no more rapids. They told me I could jump into the river and swim if I wanted to. The current had reduced to a gentle flow. I jumped and started floating. I lied down on my back with the life jacket on. Up, far away, I could see the mountains. The sun was breaking through the dark night. I could see the whole river, up from where I had traveled, to all the way down here. The scene was breathtaking. But something else had just taken my breath away.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


As you hold me to impress,
the first error is made.
You use me in depress
when nerves have frayed.

You roll me with your tongue,
and slowly inhale.
I will enter your lung
to break and frail.

I ease your pressure
and calm your fears.
I become your treasure
and lessen your years.

I am your breath.
You are my life.
I am your death,
will cut like a knife.

Your days start with me.
I am an addictive device.
Now you can't part with me
as I become your vice.

On your death-bed and energy seeping,
you curse, calling me heartless.
Your eyes swollen-red and weeping.
I smile, seeing you breathless.

Friday, November 5, 2010


My car stops at the signal. I curse the traffic as I wait for the signal to turn green. I'm in a hurry to reach home. I'm not driving but sitting at the back. I hear a knock at the driver-side window. A tiny hand goes up and down in rhythm. I can't see who it is that is knocking so I crane to have a better look. I see a flower-girl carrying a small basket of roses. When she sees me, she runs around and comes over to my side. She picks a beautiful red rose from the basket and offers it to me. I ask, how much? She says, 5 Rs. I give her 10 Rs. So she asks, you want two or should I give 5 Rs. back? I'm about to say two but change my mind. Instead, I tell her to keep the balance 5 and ask her to eat something. She tilts her head and smiles. It is the most beautiful smile that I've ever seen. It melts my heart and I wish that the signal remains red so I could ask her about her family. But she waves and scurries off.
From thereon, it becomes a routine for me. I actually wait for her to come and give me a rose everyday. It brings back the energy in me. This goes on for several days and one fine day she doesn't turn up at the signal. I get restless so I enquire about this little flower-girl. It seems she has no real family living here. A married couple bought flowers from her regularly. Like me, they were quite fond of this little girl. Since they had no children of their own, yesterday they had come and adopted her.