Monday, November 18, 2013

The Willow Bows

Tonight, I might need a stronger heart.
Who will belt those red cherries?
With every thumping beat, it will ask
was it a myth, his art, as the artist departs?-
The willow bows, and I’m off guard.
Now, just a tale to cherish.
Lonely would be those twenty two yards.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Shining Scar

On the deep forehead shines a bright scar
from her helter-skelter days-
etched by a bicycle and wild hours.
I touch the bruise, and muse, fills me with amuse.
And depicts the mischiefs of her youth.
Shy not away from it’s gaze,
it hoards old memories and the truth.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scuba Diving (Ko Samui)

The sunlight pierced the deep blue waters
as I waded through the flaps of the sea.
Trudging, I hung onto my instructor,
who, with skill, glided along patiently.
Stomach churned with butterflies as we dived.
Soon a shoal of fish rapidly shot past
creating a ripple as we arrived
at their water kingdom - beautiful, vast.
Species of colourful kinds zipped around
those misty waters, that corals lit up.
I smiled but hissed out a gurgling sound,
and all sorts of images conjured up.
We descended into a narrow ledge
that spread like an underwater jungle.
Shafts of light cast shadows on the sand-bed,
and my instructor blew big ring-bubbles.
I touched the soft sand which escaped my hand,
like the blazing fishes of aqua’s pride.
Gradually we ascended to land.
And I felt the fear in me subside.