Thursday, August 25, 2016


Commuting back from work amidst the noise.
I ponder over a nice place to dine.
Some place cozy where I'm spoilt for choice,
somewhere to gossip with a glass of wine.
I look out the window, my train zigzags ,
then pauses as the next station rolls by.
On the platform sits a small girl in rags
clutching old newspaper, handful of fries.
Wide-eyed she waits for her brother to join
who comes running flashing a toothy smile.
Soon they devour what is fetched by a coin,
relishing the meal earned once in a while.
The train rumbles on in the whizzing rains.
My belly grumbles but the hunger wanes.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rain's Symphony

Sky rumbled like a drumroll.
Clouds beat about in rhythm.
As the wind whistled and trolled,
an earthy scent seemed to hum.
Rain dropped its watery note
that dribbled over her face.
With each chord the monsoon stroked,
a musical soul surfaced.
A tune soared from silent strings-
flapping melodious wings.