Monday, March 24, 2014


Often times I enter a new layer
which is between dream and reality.
Such brief spells I wish would freeze forever-
wake me not from their sensuality.
A quiet zone that harbours no musing,
nor sails you to imaginary port.
But creates a buzz with each arousing
where the present is in control - afloat.
Each thing that I see breathes with a new glow,
and every being distant and hazy.
Pace is slow, my feet touch no ground below,
yet I walk around detached and fuzzy.
Pinch me not for I am fully awake.
Accompany me in this surreal state.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


With every sweet beat and wishing-bell,
it ticks and sways back and forth.
But the stories only time will tell.
Much like the heart that pumps soft and hard but darts.
Let it roam bizarre if for a day,
and tread the desired road.
unbridled its flow- will find a way.