Saturday, December 21, 2013


My heart sways in wilderness as bizarre moon departs.
Surreal and shorter seem incense filled, insane hours.
Bound in your spell, a lava unleashes from the cell-
sizzles thru each vein - on my soul your tattoo engrafts.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On A Pier

Outstretched I lay on a pier wide, square,
gaze up at the sky which stares down at me.
When the dusk-sun, a different colour wears,
and eve-winds aid a flock of birds to flee.
Deeper, the long white sails lazily sway-
a romance with blue waters as they waltz.
And my mind saunters away from the bay-
if only the sand in the glass would pause.
Far, the sun dips further into the bowl.
Wonder if you too are seeing it from miles.
I look up and watch the dispersing clouds
to find your face flash and sparkle a smile.
Nor distance nor time can untie the lace,
forged by your memories - a boundless trace.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Floating Village

Rolling over the foams of a river,
in a catamaran I cruised along.
To the beats of my heart chugged the motor,
and wind blew away the hat I had donned.
The sun shimmered hurling the yellow pecks.
As I sailed, the waters seemed to widen.
I dangled my feet over the front deck,
and looked farther to the blue horizon.
In the distance lay stationed a herd of boats
which housed children, families, numerous pets.
With schools, hospitals - a village afloat,
and people traded in floating markets.
Bare-chested young kids raced and sprang around
waving to each and every passer-by.
Their faces glowed with energy abound,
and I watched them with unabated sigh.
How well joy streams in thru places unknown,
and fills up those silent, unaware gaps.
My catamaran whistled with a moan-
signaling the time for our final lap.