Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sydney Harbour

How casually floats the elegant yacht,
over the blue waves that lazily roll.
How curious the birds flamboyantly stalk,
come sailing from high skies to sit and droll.
There stands the long bridge so handsomely arced,
displaying its strength in every fibre.
And the shell-shaped house is like nature’s art-
sprouts magically over the harbour.
The wind skates over the vast promenade-
the whiff so mingled with music and musk.
Jugs of wine, beer and iced lemonade,
gurgle at the fall of the golden dusk.
As many people, and as many sails-
swing and swagger with unquenchable tales.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


Thirsty is the shrivelled soul,
a drop of love seems ocean.
When the lonely tears roll,
your presence - magic potion.
Anger flames the age old scars,
smile provides the healing touch.
Why clamorous be those hours?
for silence can speak so much.
Do not praise nor belittle.
All one needs is just little.