Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back To School

Pictures spring up as memories unfold
of braided hair and oiled crew-cuts each morn.
The brown canvas shoes and long socks unroll.
A badge of truth broached on beige uniform.
With a khaki bag strapped, trudge the lazy
to the gates where our pillars of fate stood.
And, if school bells not awake the dozy,
shrills of the short-fused gardener surely would.
But when a white chalk squeaked on wide black board-
a hush screened the class, now filled with riddles.
Silent and shy we sat - in pretense bold
until the teacher defogged the scribbles.
Tho years fly by, the knowledge not age-
mischief remains, laughter still the language.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Fate recalls a face remained unnoticed time ago.
Loose threads of memories stitch up the past and mellow.
But I know not when they wove the naughty knots of love
that adorn this rag - now wakes with an embroidered glow.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Dolphin Dance

In deep waters of her kingdom she whirls,
darts around in pairs, and sometimes alone.
She swings and spins creating much ripples-
lights up the underworld that lives in gloam.
Suddenly she leaps and cuts thru the surface.
Her tail appears as if clothed with wings.
A glistening gray airborne, unmatched in grace.
Then dips, torpedoes with her doll like fins.
Enchanting eyes twinkle to a whistle.
A mischief widens the imprinted smile.
Her turn and a flip presage a sizzle
of a waltz in water - an art sublime.
And if ever fate the pleasures divides-
I shall ask of this beauty for long rides.