Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Game Of Chess

Life is like a game of chess. The Little cubs wait in a line to move ahead. They are well protected by the family members who stand behind them. These pieces may play different roles in the game but their ultimate goal is to win. They face various challenges from the opposition. Some perish while doing so.
Lion is the king of the jungle. He sits idly watching the battle in progress.Lioness is the all powerful one. She uses all her killer instinct and skills to hunt. The family lives in a castle which forms a solid base around the Lion. The two lithe commanders add power to the force. Combined with the Lioness, they plunder the enemy and help the little cubs create a path and reach their destinies. The quest to gain and win is constantly on. The knights with the shining armours and their foxy tricks add glitter to this intriguing game. Some cubs manage to cross the border and become just like one of their ancestors. Or die in pursuit. Life ends but the jungle lives on forever.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Lunch Date

I was in Goa. It was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I had already walked for more than two hours, here and there, looking around, doing nothing, relaxing, enjoying, and generally having a good time with myself. I was feeling hungry. I spotted a restaurant," Fisherman's Cove ", went in and took a table over-looking the road. I ordered a bowl of egg fried rice and a fresh lime soda. As I was waiting for my lunch to arrive, I spotted a young girl with her parents entering the restaurant. The girl gave me a cute smile. Instinctively, I waved back. They took a table across. The girl kept looking at me while her parents ordered their lunch. And soon enough she got up and walked towards my table. I nodded and offered her a seat. Again that dimply smile. I looked up at her parents. Her mom asked whether it was alright with me? I said 'of course'. I asked for one more plate and a spoon. The girl mumbled something I couldn't follow. When my food arrived, I put some rice into her plate. She seemed quite happy. She thanked me with her mischievous eyes. She seemed a bit uncomfortable so I asked for some extra cushions to be placed on her chair. She finally settled into her seat and I indicated that now we were on eye-level. So I talked and she listened. I cracked all sorts of funny jokes and she kept laughing all the while. She was quite amused by my behavior. I was having a great time. I was, as I usually am, at my hilarious best, when in a company of good a looking woman and more so if it happens to be a three year old beautiful girl. The spoon was a little big for her so I asked for a smaller one. She was excited to get her own tiny spoon. And when I put some chilli sauce in my fried-rice, she also wanted some. I had to mimic that it was so very hot and spicy. I couldn't do it properly but she understood and showed me in her own version how it was done. And when I imitated her, she laughed.

The lunch got over and my date got up and went to sit with her parents. I asked for the bill. I paid and was about to go, when to my amazement, she stood up on her chair, turned, looked at me and waved good-bye. I was surprised. How was it possible?