Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Pearls of laughter reverberated across the ground.
A pebble floated and twirled, and then clunked on the ground.
A girl spiralled in the air and landed on a square.
Children oohed - her ponytail bounced, and her smile profound.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Moon Walk

The full moon unfolded its golden wings,
and tickled her ever so shining face.
The long languorous yawns blurred her musings,
but she shook away the nocturnal haze.
The tidings of the sea beckoned her soul.
Pearly waves rolled and unrolled with new sounds.
Along the shore with just her thoughts she strolled.
The sand caressed - reveries knew no bounds.
A boat waltzed to the rhythm of her steps -
they seemed wanting to splat across the beach.
Purple shells lay scattered from ocean’s depths -
told tales that only her ears could reach.
Her mind buzzed but words remained unspoken.
Her footprints firm - the silence unbroken.