Friday, July 3, 2009

The First Dove.

It's morning, and the doves are waiting.
On the roof tops, on the tree, waiting for the food which would be arriving.
I enter the temple, there is a flutter of noise,
I look up and find these birds sitting in a poise.
I scatter the peanuts on the ground,
they get restless and hungry but are scared to come down.
Hoot and cry but afraid to take the plunge.
Finally a dove decides, I will be the one.
Gracefully it floats and lands near my feet,
Others watch anxiously, but still don't come to eat.
The dove takes a bite and relishes the food,
and then others scamper down to share the loot.
Eat and eat, now they are a cheerful bunch,
bellies are full with a delightful brunch.
Opening their beaks thirstily they fly back to the tree top,
waiting to quench the thirst with the first rain drop.