Sunday, June 15, 2008


rumba or samba
after having Zampa

One of my best friends Pradeep, got into the wine business. Now he is as old and sweet as wine. One day he came home and produced two bottles of Zampa. One red, one white....

Initial hiccups

I'm not much of a wine drinker, but he insisted we (Kamala, Vinod and me) the terrible trio of critics, gave him our frank opinion on his new wine which he was about to launch. He didn't know he was asking for trouble.

Vinod (4 beers down) :" I went to the restaurant called 'Happy' and asked for Zampa. They gave me choice of 'Appy' or old Champa. "
Me (8 beers down ): "I didn't like the red wine. "
Kamala (sober) :" I'm not feeling too well. Could I give you my opinion tomorrow? " .


Next morning I got up and realized, Zampa the red, didn't leave the lingering bad taste in your mouth, which other red wines do. I messaged Pradeep and told him so. He messaged back saying "thank you". Vinod was a bit drowsy and hung-over and not in the right frame of mind to give the right opinion. Kamala waited. She had her first sip the next day.

The wine grows on us

After our first encounter, we realized that Zampa (especially the white) was delicious. I thought it could become a benchmark drink against which others would be compared. Vinod also, realized that he was too old for old Champa and it was time for him to change over to Zampa, if ever he wanted to feel young. Kamala and her friend Suresh took one sip and were completely sold out. I wished Kamala felt the same for me.(late night we were having the wine and after the bottles were empty, we contemplated going over to Pradeep's house and asking for more).

Price v/s Value

Gabbar : "Aarey o Sambha. Kitna inaam rakhe hai sarkar ham par? ".
Sambha :" Pure chaar bottle Zampa! ".
Gabbar : "Suna tumne. Sarkar bhi hamari value samzta hai.Abhi tak haramzada pachaas hazar bolta tha".


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Asit said...

After one glass, whether it is Zampa, Champa or Santra from James ki waadi, it is all the same.