Friday, July 3, 2009

The First Dove.

It's morning, and the doves are waiting.
On the roof tops, on the tree, waiting for the food which would be arriving.
I enter the temple, there is a flutter of noise,
I look up and find these birds sitting in a poise.
I scatter the peanuts on the ground,
they get restless and hungry but are scared to come down.
Hoot and cry but afraid to take the plunge.
Finally a dove decides, I will be the one.
Gracefully it floats and lands near my feet,
Others watch anxiously, but still don't come to eat.
The dove takes a bite and relishes the food,
and then others scamper down to share the loot.
Eat and eat, now they are a cheerful bunch,
bellies are full with a delightful brunch.
Opening their beaks thirstily they fly back to the tree top,
waiting to quench the thirst with the first rain drop.


manoj said...

Sir ji suddh hindi ka upyog karunga:
blog padhkar aisa lagta hai ki shayad kalpana hai, kya likhte ho yaar padhkar dil bag bag ho jata hai.

Bhavana said...

Wow, Rahul...there is a poet waiting to break free.

Lovely poem. Keep it up..keep writing more often.

Asit said...

Wow. Great poem!

neha said...

woooow rahul you write straight from your heart.

Kay said...

Manoj ji! kalpana kaun hai? :-)

Good one Rahul! It's as sweet as your act of feeding them everyday!