Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are You Drinking Tonight? (Song)

I wake up in the afternoon disoriented.
Takes few minutes to know where I am. 
Red eyes tell me that I'm still alive.
One more night of my lonely life.

I pick up the phone and ask,
‘hello there, how are you?
Are you drinking tonight?’
I can't hear but can see you smile.

I take a shower, the water piping hot.
Feel it in my veins last night's pain.
Harder I push, stronger it returns.
Gotta do this one last time, all over again.

I oil my hair, wear the same clothes.
Say goodbye to no one. Pick up the car keys.
I will come back, I promise myself- 
one hand on my heart, the other holding whiskey.
Are you drinking tonight?
Will you drink with me tonight?

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