Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Number Game

It's that time of the year when TVs are switched off, malls and restaurant are neglected, temples become crowded, and the atmosphere turns grim. It's exam-time. Parents exchange notes with teachers and other parents to check if their son/daughter is well-prepared. Nerves go a notch higher. The student, actually is pretty cool until he/she is dragged onto this panic train. And suddenly this cool dude feels the pressure which otherwise would have handled it quite well in his/her own style. The number game begins. Every other person becomes your competitor, ready to pounce on that vacant, precious seat with an extra mark. Because of this funny system, rather than nourishing and nurturing the knowledge the education is dumped on your brain. You are not what you would love to be but become what others prefer you to be. With time, cirumstances change, but the game continues.

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