Thursday, November 7, 2013

Scuba Diving (Ko Samui)

The sunlight pierced the deep blue waters
as I waded through the flaps of the sea.
Trudging, I hung onto my instructor,
who, with skill, glided along patiently.
Stomach churned with butterflies as we dived.
Soon a shoal of fish rapidly shot past
creating a ripple as we arrived
at their water kingdom - beautiful, vast.
Species of colourful kinds zipped around
those misty waters, that corals lit up.
I smiled but hissed out a gurgling sound,
and all sorts of images conjured up.
We descended into a narrow ledge
that spread like an underwater jungle.
Shafts of light cast shadows on the sand-bed,
and my instructor blew big ring-bubbles.
I touched the soft sand which escaped my hand,
like the blazing fishes of aqua’s pride.
Gradually we ascended to land.
And I felt the fear in me subside.