Saturday, August 30, 2008

When we were kids..

One day in the year 1979, Asit (15), Rajiv (12), and I (12) decided to have lunch at home. My mom being a teacher left for school. However, before leaving home she gave us strict instructions: “Please see to it that you sit on a chair, keep your food on the table and eat like well behaved boys”. Yes mom! Now, we were wild and reckless but at the same time obedient. So we took a small table, three chairs went to the bedroom placed it all on top of the bed and started eating. The food was chappatis, bhaji and water. Mom came back early. I can’t forget the look in her eyes. She was stunned. She started screaming at us. We (Asit) told her “Well, you told us to place the food on a table, sit on a chair and eat and that’s what we are doing. You never mentioned where to eat”. She was fuming but we were eating.

Whenever Niyoshi, Ayu or Aakarsh ask me to tell them a funny story, this is the one that springs up. So many years have passed but it is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday.

Happy Birthday mom!!

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Asit said...

This one is evergreen.