Friday, January 16, 2009

Life Ain't Bitch.

 Hello and welcome to 2009. The year 2008 was quite adventurous and educative in every sense. People around have become quite literate. Now even a paanwallah knows what is an ‘economic crisis’. No need to spend money on a business school. All thanks to glorified but sophisticated casino called ‘Stock Exchange’. I do love the colour of money but 2008 has forced me to look beyond it. Now, I might have one nickel less this year but what the heck; it saves me the time which otherwise I would have wasted on watching movies (Oh boy! How are they promoting now!) , or going to the bars or buying unwanted things.

 I am thankful to all the gamblers around the world for enlightening me on the value of money. Guys, life without you would be so dull.    

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Asit said...

What is even more amazing is that this glorified casino is run by paan-chewing-and-spitting-where-they-want, uneducated, half-knowledged nitwits. And people trust them with their hard-earned money.