Thursday, January 22, 2009

The fisherwoman


One fine morning I was walking on the beach. Since it was low tide I decided to walk towards the sea. Somewhere close I saw a strange sight. There were some fishermen gathered around the fishes they had caught in their nets. In the middle there was one fisherwoman standing with her biggest catch of the day placed near her feet. She was sipping a hot cup of tea and with the other hand she was eating a soft (khaari) biscuit. She was talking animatedly with someone on a cell phone which a small boy was holding to her ears. Others around her were clapping and chatting excitedly amongst one another appreciating the big fish the fisherwoman had caught. This went on for about 20 minutes and I just stood there, let my eyes skate over the scene, gazing at everybody all the while. It was a big day in the fisherwoman’s life and she was obviously enjoying it and so probably sharing it with everyone. Few joggers also stopped by to admire the big fish and this further encouraged the fisherwoman. I requested her to pose for a photo for me with tea in one hand and biscuit in the other, the small boy still holding the cell phone for her and her latest acquisition displaying around her feet for approval. I said “Smile”! And she gave me one of the most beautiful and sweetest smiles that I would ever see. 


manoj said...

Please send me the photo captured by you.

Manoj Gupta

Mrs and Mr G said...

So, where is the photo? You could have put it in the blog, mate!