Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Game Of Chess

Life is like a game of chess. The Little cubs wait in a line to move ahead. They are well protected by the family members who stand behind them. These pieces may play different roles in the game but their ultimate goal is to win. They face various challenges from the opposition. Some perish while doing so.
Lion is the king of the jungle. He sits idly watching the battle in progress.Lioness is the all powerful one. She uses all her killer instinct and skills to hunt. The family lives in a castle which forms a solid base around the Lion. The two lithe commanders add power to the force. Combined with the Lioness, they plunder the enemy and help the little cubs create a path and reach their destinies. The quest to gain and win is constantly on. The knights with the shining armours and their foxy tricks add glitter to this intriguing game. Some cubs manage to cross the border and become just like one of their ancestors. Or die in pursuit. Life ends but the jungle lives on forever.

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