Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Lunch Date

I was in Goa. It was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I had already walked for more than two hours, here and there, looking around, doing nothing, relaxing, enjoying, and generally having a good time with myself. I was feeling hungry. I spotted a restaurant," Fisherman's Cove ", went in and took a table over-looking the road. I ordered a bowl of egg fried rice and a fresh lime soda. As I was waiting for my lunch to arrive, I spotted a young girl with her parents entering the restaurant. The girl gave me a cute smile. Instinctively, I waved back. They took a table across. The girl kept looking at me while her parents ordered their lunch. And soon enough she got up and walked towards my table. I nodded and offered her a seat. Again that dimply smile. I looked up at her parents. Her mom asked whether it was alright with me? I said 'of course'. I asked for one more plate and a spoon. The girl mumbled something I couldn't follow. When my food arrived, I put some rice into her plate. She seemed quite happy. She thanked me with her mischievous eyes. She seemed a bit uncomfortable so I asked for some extra cushions to be placed on her chair. She finally settled into her seat and I indicated that now we were on eye-level. So I talked and she listened. I cracked all sorts of funny jokes and she kept laughing all the while. She was quite amused by my behavior. I was having a great time. I was, as I usually am, at my hilarious best, when in a company of good a looking woman and more so if it happens to be a three year old beautiful girl. The spoon was a little big for her so I asked for a smaller one. She was excited to get her own tiny spoon. And when I put some chilli sauce in my fried-rice, she also wanted some. I had to mimic that it was so very hot and spicy. I couldn't do it properly but she understood and showed me in her own version how it was done. And when I imitated her, she laughed.

The lunch got over and my date got up and went to sit with her parents. I asked for the bill. I paid and was about to go, when to my amazement, she stood up on her chair, turned, looked at me and waved good-bye. I was surprised. How was it possible?

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